Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shedding Light on the Dreamers: Mila & Fire Vintage

Shedding Light on the Dreamers is where we basically shed light on individuals that pursued or are currently pursuing their dreams. If you would like to be featured please send us an email at Dotclothing@dreamsoftriumph.com

Our first shedding light on the dreamers feature is: Mila & Fire Vintage

Name of Company or Brand:
We are long-time best friends who have always had an eclectic sense of fashion and an eye for things that are different. Going out and hunting for vintage/unique finds and finding amazing pieces, gives us a high no drug could induce.

What do you specialize in or have to offer?
We offer hand-picked vintage and contemporary finds that exude an energy of individualism, style and sex.

What inspired or led you to pursuing the Dream?
We have always been viewed as fashion-forward individuals, and found ourselves always being asked to be personal shoppers, or to go out and find unique one-of-a-kind pieces our friends. After graduating from college, we decided that sharing our passion with our peers would not only be fulfilling, but would be something that allows us to connect with other fashionistas.

Did you triumph over your goals? and what's next in store for your company?
Being a star-up company is a challenge in itself. We soon realized that your have to invest 24 hours, 7 days a week into your passion and business to watch it grow. Next on our list is re-designing our site, moving into our new showroom, and our fashion showcase on September 8th at Jin Lounge in Washington, DC.

Stay in Contact with Mila & Fire Vintage:
Email: Mila.FireVintage@gmail.com.
Twitter: @

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