Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vfrig- Love & War (Poem)

Love will take a couple shots at you as if you were a target at a range
Leaving you stabilized causing you to go deranged
The heart is filled with joy, but the mind may be filled with pain
Hoping not to suffer n go through the trails of arguing, deceit
Or simply being taking in vein.
Through it all love always prevails
Whether the days are bright or the roses smell,
Not cause they are dead but they are very ripe
Which indicates that things may not me perfect
But there's still time to make it right.
It's a fight to the finish that you don't want to lose
In the end having you questioning yourself like
Why did we become lovers n just didn't stay friends..
Everything happens for a reason and if it feels right take the leap
Cause you never want to regret not having the feeling of waking up to something beautiful
Every time you go to sleep....

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